Tips to fall asleep and have a better sleep

Tips to fall asleep and have a better sleep at night

Good night sleep is as essential as a healthy diet and exercise. Research says that poor sleep timing and habit can badly affect your hormones, physical health, and brain function. In contrast, good sleep can have many positive effects on your health and can help you perform better in the day. Most of the people on this earth have a poor sleep habit sadly. But, if you want to optimize your health whether it’s physical or mental, then you have to adopt a good sleep habit in the night.

Adapting Healthy sleep habit can make your life better with optimizing your mental and physical health. Try to adopt these habits and stay consistent with these habits to achieve good sleep at night:

Stick with Your Sleep Schedule

Better stick to one sleep schedule only, the time you go on the bed and the wake-up time, on the weekends as well. The point here is to regulate your body's clock and help you fall asleep in the night.

Conduct a Pre-Sleep Activity

A relaxing pre-sleep bedtime activity can help you bring your mind in peace and separates the sleep time from the activities that cause excitement or stress, which becomes a hurdle in between your sleep and makes it difficult to fall asleep. It’s better to conduct this practice away from the bright light, preferably in the dark.

Eliminate Powernaps

If you get power naps in the afternoon and find trouble in sleeping in the night, then you may have to eliminate the power naps. They might help you pull through the day but can cause you issues to sleep in the night.

Exercise Boosts Your Sleep Habit

Make your habit to exercise daily, even if you do light exercise that would do wonders. Exercise boosts your sleep habit and helps you stay asleep in the night calmly and deep.

Use Sleeping Gadgets or Design a Sleep-Friendly Room

Design your room to be sleep-friendly. Your bedroom temperature needs to be cool, dark and also be free from any noise that can disturb your sleep. Consider using sleep gadgets like blackout curtains, earplugs, "white noise" machines, eye shades and other sleep devices to get better sleep in the night.

Use Comfortable Mattress & Pillows to Sleep Well

Your body needs to feel like it’s on the charging station and for that use a comfortable mattress and pillows to sleep. It should be comfortable and supportive to give you the comfort you are required for sleeping. The normal mattresses last for max 8 to 9 years to provide quality sleep, and if you find trouble in sleep, there’s a chance of you have been using the mattress for years which may have exceeded its life expectancy.

Circadian Rhythm Is a Big Factor

Ever heard of circadian rhythms? Well, they work as an internal clock inside your body and indicates when you need sleep. Use a bright light to help manage them, so they can maximize the energy in you throughout the day. So it is recommended to expose your body to the sunlight in the morning but make sure to avoid the same bright light of the evening because they trick the brain and confuses the sleep clock. In this way, you can manage your circadian rhythms.

Improve Your Eating Habit & Diet

Consuming Alcohol or cigarettes is injurious to health and can disrupt sleep too. So refrain from using alcohol, cigarettes and heavy meals to optimize your sleep habit. When it comes to your diet and timings can affect the sleep habit too. Eating spicy meals can cause discomfort in your body, which leads to slow down your indigestion and makes it hard to sleep. So Researchers recommend to stop eating heavy meals before 2 hours of sleep, or if you find yourself hungry then have a light meal before 40 minutes of sleep.

Refrain from Using Electronic Devices Before Sleep

It is recommended to have a reading activity before sleep because your body needs time to shift into sleep mode, so spend the last hour before bed doing a calming activity and reading is a perfect option to do so. Electronic devices can bring harm to your sleep routine, So avoid using laptops and phones which makes it hard to fall asleep.

Use an online sleep calculator

These activities can help you with your sleep habit. It only depends on how you stick with it and keep it inconsistency. Besides that, We all are sometimes uncertain about our ideal sleep timing according to our routine. finds us the perfect bedtime and wake-up time to rise and stay fresh throughout the day.

However, if you have troubles sleeping in the night, then do not hesitate to consult with the doctor.