How to wake up early in the morning

How to wake up early in the morning – some top tips!

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up early in the morning. Early to be and early to rise is the key to success, makes a man healthy and wise. Why is it so hard to wake up early in the morning? It's not about the laziness of a person when he/she hits the snooze button and want to sleep more, but it's a mismatch of your body clock with the demands of your daily routine. Probably the clock is controlled by the brain, nucleus within the brain that mostly regulates the body’s biological functioning. People can’t manage or adjust their school or college time with their normal sleep time.

People who find it difficult to crawl out from their beds have an inner clock set in their minds that they have to go on bed late so that they can wake up late. This condition in the scientific term is known as phase delay. Usually, people find frustrating to wake up early in the morning. If you are a night owl and can't get up early, there are some useful tips and tricks which will assist you to make up your routine.

Don’t get out of the Bed Instantly

Most of the people in the Army get out of their bed immediately when the first alarm goes off. But civilians are a bit lazy; they can't do that. That's why it is suggested by doctors or health pediatricians for waking up early a man should make two alarms. First one should be in his/her reach for waking up and the second one is for getting out of the bed. Make sure that the second one should be far away so that he/she can get up to turn off the alarm. To turn off alarm he/she has to get up from the bed, and once you get out of the bed, you can't get a nap again. This will energize his/her body for some time and laziness will be fade away.

Make a Promise to Yourself

He who wakes up early yawns all day long. Before going to bed make a promise to yourself that you will wake up a minute or sometime before as compared to your usual wake up time. Then figure out what you can do in that time and why you want to wake up. How can you use your time for beneficial purpose? Start activity at that time duration like reading some books or do some exercise on the bed. Ask as such a question more and more. This will boost you up and give a reason to wake up early in the morning.

Avoid using Electronics

It has seen that people make their schedule and at some extent, they follow it like they become habitual of setting their minds that they have to go on the bed early and wake up early in the morning. But after this, they begin to use electronics items like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. They begin a TV serial and continue to watch. It’s all episodes until they become they late and next sun arise at their windows. They close their electronics items and go to bed due to which they can’t get up. It is suggested that keep your electronics items dead or at their little usage. Try to use the internet at night minimum at night and keep your mobile phones silent so that no one can disturb you at night.

Get A Pet

Accountability is one of the big mainstream to wake up early in the morning. No doubt friends and family are helping to keep you in check whether you are waking up or not. But there is no better accountability to have a pet in your house. If you have a pet and 6:00 AM is its food time, then you have to wake up at 5:55 AM to prepare breakfast every morning. There will be no exception in making breakfast on its own. When your pet feels hunger, it will disturb your sleep because cats are cats and ultimately you have to get up. Moreover, you can make a schedule to play with it. In this way, you have a proper schedule to fulfill your responsibilities on time.

Use a sleep calculator

This amazing online sleep calculator will make your life easier and your sleeping patterns smoother SLEEP CALCULATOR is just an amazing calculator that understands our brains better than we do.