How does a Sleep Calculator work

How A Sleep Calculator Determine Your Ideal Bedtime?

The sleeping troubles statistics are shocking today! 97% of teenagers are getting less than the recommended time of sleep, in 1910 the average person slept 9 hours a day and today it decreased to 6.8 hours, the sleep deprivation cost the Americans only 411 billion dollars annually! That is so scary.

The sleeping stages:

In sleeping there are two main types, the REM sleeping (rapid eye movement) and the non-REM (non-rapid eye movement) sleeping, you switch between those stages several times in your sleep.

The non-REM sleeping it has three different stages, the first stage is the transition between consciousness and sleep, it takes several minutes (15 minutes for a normal person), your breathing slows equally your heartbeat and your eye movement.

The second stage of non-rapid eye movement your muscles relax further, your body temperature drop, and eye movements stop.

The third stage of the non-REM is the most important stage in the sleeping process; it is the most necessary to feel refreshed and ready to wake up in the morning, it needs a long period at the beginning of the night, the heartbeat and breathing reach their lowest level. The second basic type of sleeping process is REM sleeping. You reach it after 90 minutes after falling asleep. The eyes move very fast from side to another. Your brain works like wakefulness time, breathing and heartbeat become faster, increasing the blood pressure to the waking level, most of your dreams occur in the rapid eye movement sleeping.

To start setting your ideal bedtime you should know exactly what amount of rest you need from this night and how much of energy are you going to need in the next day, you need the quality or the quantity, this sleep calculator is going to help you get both.

So, starting with this project we are giving you the opportunity to create your personal ideal bedtime and that of course is going to give you the exact quantity and the perfect quality of sleep you need, most of the time we all know and care about our wake up time but we are unsure and caring less about our ideal bedtime, that’s normal in our society, we have to wake up in exact time to get ready for school or work .

Here we are going to explain how this calculator works:

The normal sleep cycle is 90 minutes and a good night's sleep consists of 5-6 complete sleep cycles, so it is 450 minutes or 7.5 hours, set your wake-up time and take off the sleeping hours and you will get your ideal bedtime.

For example, you need to wake up at 7 a.m to get ready and go to school or work. Thus, counting back 7.5hours your ideal bedtime is 11.30 p.m., bedtime means lights out and going to bed, no phone, no laptop, you are just ready to sleep in that time.

After trying this, you won’t get only more quantity of sleep, but you are going to get a better-quality sleeping, more refreshing mentally and physically.

Not Just More Sleep, But Better

The experts are using some formula to measure the sleep efficiency, it is one of the most used and trusted to measure the sleep quality by scientists, doctors, and physicians, you need only some details about your night, the total time you spent in bed including the trying to sleep time, how much time it takes you to fall in sleep ( with this point you may need someone to check on you ), and you need to know the time you spend awake in the night.

For example, you spent 8 hours in bed last night (480 minutes), but it took you 30 minutes to fall in sleep, and another 40 minutes you spent it awake during the night. Okay the total time in bed (480 minutes), minus the time it took you to fall in sleep (30 minutes), minus the total time you spent it awake between the sleep cycles during the night. Divide what you got (410 minutes) on the total time you spent in bed (480 minutes) then multiply it by 100, the result it 85.4%. Thus this percentage give more information about your sleeping efficiency in that night.

85,4% is a good number, the sleeping researchers and experts consider a rate above 85% is a good sleeping night in quantity and quality, start to make your sleeping efficiency rise with our sleep calculator.

Finding Your Ideal Bedtime

EZ Sleep Time gives you an online Sleep Calculator to help you easily find the best sleep time and wake-up time, try it here: Sleep Calculator